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IKERLAN Laboratory for Industrial cybersecurity

Reference laboratories for the development of cybersecurity information systems at ÉGIDA

IKERLAN’s industrial cybersecurity laboratory has first-rate equipment and means to test the cybersecurity of embedded systems and IoT devices.

Within the ÉGIDA network, IKERLAN continues to advance in the definition of the tasks and processes necessary to obtain the development of a cybersecurity system throughout all the phases, from the conception of the idea of a product to the certification by an authority competent. This allows companies to be accompanied when defining cybersecurity procedures and in the development and evaluation activities of the systems, as well as generating evidence in order to tackle a product certification process.

In order to meet this challenge, the technology center has an industrial cybersecurity laboratory aimed at both embedded systems and digital platforms. In this video you can find out the details of the cybersecurity laboratory in the field of digital platforms, where IKERLAN works on security throughout the data value chain, from the IoT device to the cloud.

ÉGIDA is the national network of security and privacy technologies and is made up of the Gradiant, Fidesol, Vicomtech and IKERLAN technology centers. With the aim of being a benchmark in the development of information protection and privacy technologies, it is funded through the framework of the Cervera Program for Technological Centers and promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Center for Industrial Technological Development ( CDTI).

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