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Gradiant EGIDA, first Cervera Network for privacy protection



Develop capabilities in applied cryptography

& privacy

Research for digital identity and privacy protection

Secure systems

Promote and develop secure systems development methodologies


Improve specific security mechanisms for disruptive technologies

EGIDA network

EGIDA is the first and only national network of security and privacy technologies formed by technology centers of excellence. The project will address research in security and privacy technologies with a clear objective: the protection of information privacy.

The centers that form the network consortium will work on 4 technical objectives focused on applied cryptography technologies, digital identity and privacy, security in distributed systems and development of secure information systems.

The project is part of the national commitment to develop market-oriented research promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI).

The ultimate goal of EGIDA is to bring security and privacy technologies closer to companies, so that technology centers and industry can strengthen the national innovation system, placing Spain at the forefront of the cybersecurity technology market.

The consortium is formed by Gradiant, Fidesol and the centers of BRTA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance, Ikerlan and Vicomtech.

EGIDA Partners


Gradiant is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) focused on connectivity, intelligence and security technologies. Gradiant is an innovation provider, with over 10 years of experience on technology incubation and more than 100 engineers, Gradiant has a footprint in 29 countries and over 170 customers.
After ten years of activity, Gradiant has quintupled the license agreements of its innovation projects in the last two years, which already reach 150 licenses in 18 countries. Some recent public international references include Telefónica, Vodafone, Samsung, PSA Peugeot Citroën, NATO, Indra, Everis, Babcock international, and Boeing.
Cybersecurity has always been a strategic commitment for Gradiant, which we have strengthened in recent years as it is one of the essential technologies for digital transformation along with connectivity and artificial intelligence. Gradiant leads EGIDA being fully aware of the transformative role that technology innovation plays in security and privacy for both individuals and companies.


The Free Software R&D Foundation, FIDESOL, is a private research organization, catalogued as a Support Center for Technology Innovation at the state level that focuses its activity on ICT research and development. Since its inception in 2006, it has been aimed at facilitating the application of knowledge and technology transfer, providing a support service for innovation and contributing to the improvement of competitiveness and consolidation of the Science-Technology-Company system.
Currently composed of a multidisciplinary team of more than one hundred professionals, Fidesol offers technological services and solutions to various high-impact socio-economic sectors, adding value to more than 120 clients.


IKERLAN is a leading knowledge transfer technological centre providing competitive value to companies. We seek for excellence in R&D&i, thanks to the continuous adaptation to the needs of our customers and the proximity with the business reality. Faithful to our mission, we have been working daily since 1974 to develop solutions that allow our customers to become more and more competitive. We are a cooperative member of the MONDRAGON Corporation and we are connected to Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).
Thanks to a unique cooperation model, which combines technology transfer activities, internal research and training of highly qualified personnel, IKERLAN is currently the trusted technological partner of major companies in the country. To meet our goal, we are structured in three technological specialisation units: ELECTRONICS, INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES; ENERGY AND POWER ELECTRONICS


Vicomtech is an applied research technology centre specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Visual Computing & Interaction. In Vicomtech we research and develop technologies always attending the market demand and providing innovative solutions to the companies of different sectors.
The Centre has its own integrated management methodology, based on proven models, which guarantees the optimisation of processes and the transfer of technology to companies in a transparent manner. Vicomtech has several certifications and acknowledgements such as HR Excellence in Research, ISO14001, ISO 9001 and UNE 166002.

Cervera Technologies

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